As 2018 winds down it may be time to review the past year, whether it be how to spend your remaining budget dollars (equipment investment, perhaps?) or annual employee reviews, which Eric Rollins discusses in his column.

If you attended Vision Expo West, it could be you need to process any new technology and equipment you saw or lenses that were introduced, and assess how they may fit into your lab’s business. There’s so much to digest and so much to do on top of keeping a business in check that it’s no easy task.

Here comes OLP to the rescue. We attended the Lab Division’s Hall of Fame banquet and as usual, it was a wonderful evening filled with camaraderie and friendship, even among competitors, which is part of what makes the lab industry special. In this issue’s One to One, OLP chatted with Dana Reese Weeks, a newly minted Hall of Fame inductee and former president of Optical Services International, who spoke about the lifelong personal and business friendships she has made throughout her long career. Coming out of retirement to receive the award in Las Vegas, Weeks noted she’s keeping busy as a grandmother (and playing golf!), but she certainly does miss being part of the industry on a daily basis. That’s a testament.

But apart from the receptions and parties, Vision Expo was about products: from a new progressive by Shamir that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Transitions’ lens style colors and mirrors to Schneider’s brand new “lab in a box” and Optotech’s new blocker, to name a few. And one lab that has invested in equipment is our Lab Innovator of the Year, SVS Vision. When we visited the Mt. Clemens, MI-based lab (a former roller rink), we couldn’t help but note happy and loyal employees, many of whom have worked there for 20 or 30 years. SVS even made custom “Lab Innovator of the Year” t-shirts for each employee. The very knowledgeable Fred Chandonnet guided us through the lab, explaining its design and layout. The company’s owners were initially brought on to sell it, but their vision saw something else: They purchased the business and transformed it into the state-of-the-art lab deserving of this recognition.

Cara Huzinec is Editor of OLP.


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