The Optical Lab Division of The Vision Council held its Directors’ Choice & 15th Annual Hall of Fame Awards Banquet at The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas on September 17 with over 300 attendees. Emcees for the evening were Virginia “Susie” Lesher of Brondstater of America and previous chair of the Optical Lab Division and Mike Daley new CEO of The Vision Council. The 2014 Directors’ Choice Award recipient was Ed Greene, who retired as CEO of The Vision Council.

Nine executives were inducted into the Optical Pioneers Hall of Fame.

A. Larry Clarke, John Fried, Virginia “Susie” Lesher, Mike Brown, Jerry Mansuy, Matt Iovaldi, and Jim Roussel were award recipients. Not pictured are Mike Dougher and Frank Giammanco.  B. First Vision Media Group, Inc. staff was on hand with Bob and Pam Colucci to honor Frank Giammanco, president and CEO.  C. Ed Greene received the 2014 Directors’ Choice Award from Susie Lesher.  D. Marty Bassett honored Susie Lesher for devoting 10 years to the Optical Lab Division.  E. Mike Daley introduced Susie Lesher as a 2014 Hall of Famer.  F. Frank Giammanco with Bob Colucci.  G. Ken Gideon and Denny Hall introduced Michael Brown of Practical Systems, Inc.  H. Larry Clarke of Satisloh North America, Inc. received his award from Steele Young.  I. Sue Iovaldi introduced her husband Matt Iovaldi of Midland Optical Lab.  J. Warren Meyer paid tribute to John Fried of A&R Optical Machinery, Inc.  K. Jason Mansuy introduced his dad, Jerry Mansuy, of A&R.  L. John Olsen gave the award to Jim Roussel of JL Roussel & Co.  M. Mike Dougher of HOYA Vision Care, North America was introduced by Tom Heberling.  N. Mike Daley congratulates Frank Giammanco on becoming an Optical Pioneer.

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