We’re two months into 2019 and that means Vision Expo East is fast approaching — another opportunity to visit NYC to reconnect with peers, re-assess business needs and of course, look at products! As Eric Rollins writes in his column this month (see page 2), a new year is a great time to invest, whether it’s on people (your staff) or on equipment.

OLP has an exciting development in the works this year: the formation of the OLP Advisory Board. Composed of leaders in the lab industry who truly have their fingers on the pulse of this ever-changing business, these individuals will serve as a sounding board to us here at the magazine; a direct response to the goal of hearing and learning from our readers (you) about what topics are “hot” and relevant, what we should be covering, what new product or piece of equipment has made a positive impact on a business or perhaps about a lab that is taking lens processing to a new level by implementing a novel strategy.

Each issue will include a profile on a board member. This month it is Ronald Cooke, Jr. Many of you may know him from his days at Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc., but as of late last year, Cooke is the founder and owner of Cincinnati-based R&D Optical Laboratory. Coincidentally, Cooke just purchased and installed the Fusion M coater from Quantum Innovations (see page 7), which is a great segue to this issue: coating.

In interviewing several lab owners and managers about this traditionally time-consuming process, one thing became clear: adding this capability costs money and space, but it also can generate profits. Whether carving out a niche as a lab that can do specialty coatings jobs quickly or having the ability to do numerous AR jobs in a day, coating capabilities add cache to any lab’s menu of services. On page 8, we feature several machines and interviewed customers who recently purchased them. Additionally, several lab owners with established coatings operations give readers their advice on how to choose the best equipment based on a lab’s needs (see page 10). Imitiaz Hasan, the ever-present face of iCoat Company, is this issue’s One to One (page 4). You’ll learn that iCoat does more than produce coatings: it’s a one-stop-shop for labs to boost business.

Enjoy this issue, which also features our regular sections filled with new products and industry news (congratulations to the Essilor IDD Awards winners!). Be sure to follow OLP on Facebook and Twitter!

Cara Huzinec is Editor of OLP. CHuzinec@fvmg.com.


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