As spring finally arrives (in some parts of the country, at least!), hopefully our May issue helps you hit the “refresh” button on how you analyze and ultimately, realize your business’s bottom line.

Running a business effectively is, in itself, a tough business. From keeping employees content and customers even happier to learning about new products and ways to streamline production procedures and rectifying the occasional crisis: the list goes on and there’s a lot to manage. Enter data mining, a quite timely topic (ahem, Facebook!); but data mining itself need not be nefarious.

Knowing your numbers and identifying trends — and making sense of them — can set a profitable business apart from an average one. OLP spoke to several labs who value this data: By utilizing the full capabilities of their lab management software systems, these labs have extracted metrics and successfully translated them into real dollars and sense.

The lab business is a hectic and busy one (gotta get those jobs out on time!), but as one of my sources at Digital Eye Lab told me: “Every manufacturing operation needs the ability to pause for a moment to critically think about the process and the bigger picture.”

Another management house-keeping item you may want to add to your spring cleaning to-do list: good-old checklists. While less complex or high-tech than data mining, checklists can provide insight into problems within a lab that may not be obvious. Customizable to specific areas of the lab, checklists also aid in fostering communication within and between departments, another key factor that shouldn’t be overlooked when trying to help your bottom line.

In addition to these features on management methods to proactively help your business, this issue breaks down some new equipment we saw at Vision Expo East in New York, plus all the industry news you may have missed.

Cara Huzinec is Editor of OLP.


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