Keith Grossman will receive the 2019 Goodfellow Award from the California Lab Committee at its annual Spring Meeting, April 25-26 at the Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, CA. Grossman began his optical career in 1996 at Empire Optical, where he served as director of sales and marketing, vice president and president. He later went on to become a co-founder of Simplify Optics in 2017. Grossman served on the COLA board from 1999 to 2009 as technology chairman, secretary-treasurer, vice president, program director and president.

“I am truly honored to be included in the group of Goodfellow recipients,” Grossman said. “Whenever I look at the trophy, I am in awe of the incredible people who came before me that I still admire to this day.”

In addition to the award ceremony, the Spring Meeting will host a series of presentations on potential topics such as finding and retaining talent, telemedicine in the optical industry, a mock OSHA inspection, regulatory affairs and technical updates, an optical technology panel plus The Vision Council’s Emerging Optical Leaders.

Creston, IA-based Precision Optical Group (POG) purchased Precise Optical, a full service lab in San Angelo, TX. The acquisition will allow Precise Optical to “further improve on their turn time and will better serve customers in the Southwest region,” according to POG.

At MIDO in Milan last month, MEI highlighted key systems to increase both flexibility and productivity in the lens edging process.
“The challenge for us is to design machines with ever-greater productivity, reliability and ease of use, while maintaining the technical superiority and quality of service that have consistently set us apart,” said Stefano Sonzogni, president and technical director of MEI.

MEI featured five products at MIDO in addition to the EZFit. The FlawLessFit lens mounting system with the FlawLessGauge measuring device: when paired with an existing tracer and MEI’s cutting machine software, the FlawLessFit system eliminates added expense and waste produced by re-machining. MEI’s 4QC automatic quality control system can be applied to 4Racer machines to execute dimensional control of a cut lens, optical center position and cylinder axis after milling. MEI’s Smart Loader now comes with enhanced functions such as an automatic multifunctional illumination system and the ability to produce shaping that is centered relative to pre-existing designs and logos for better aesthetics. The company’s Job Tracking 4.0 software system take data functions already installed on MEI edgers and combines it with applications that can analyze productivity and efficiency date for an entire lab. Eyegoal software imports cutting files from any MEI machine and shares new format files between EZFit and 4Racer. The company’s new Shape Finder EVO Reflector has all the functions of the previous version plus the ability to check dimensions of cut lenses and positions of visible laser and painted logos.

Ronkonkoma, NY-based Dynamic Labs recently acquired VisiChem Technology to expand its lineup of products such as lens cleaners, hydrophobic coatings and clear UV lens treatments that can be used on AR-coated lenses.


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