Joe Patella joined Garland, TX-based DAC Technologies as area sales manager. Patella, who is based in Orlando, will cover the Southeastern U.S. Prior to DAC, Patella worked in the Field Service Division of National Optronics for nine years.

“I look forward to meeting all DAC customers in my area, understanding their production challenges and customizing solutions that best fit their needs,” he said.

Luxexcel, manufacturer of 3D-printed ophthalmic lenses, opened a Customer Demonstration Lab at its U.S. headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, last month. The lab houses the full Luxexcel VisionPlatform to provide U.S. customers the opportunity to view the technology in operation and create sample production for select partners.

“The demo location will strengthen the company’s North American customer support and give U.S.-based labs a unique preview of the Luxexcel VisionPlatform technology and its integration into a typical lab environment,” said Guido Groet, chief commercial officer.

The company also announced in September the appointment of Fabio Esposito as CEO, who takes over from Hans Streng. Prior to joining Luxexcel, Esposito served as president and CEO of Solidscape, maker of high-precision 3D printers for manufacturing. He had previously served as vice president at ISRA Parsytec, Inc., a supplier of machine vision systems used for quality management and process automation.

IOT customers can now enjoy the company’s brand new user-friendly website, plus social media profiles and a newly created logo.

“We had the desire to change our corporate look to make it better reflect the company IOT has become,” said Tina Lahti, vice president of marketing and sales. “We are absolutely dedicated to innovation for our partners.”
The new logo reflects the company’s guiding philosophy and mission to bring innovative lens manufacturing technology to its customers. The logo includes the letters “I, O,T,” now lowercased and in thick typeset, and incorporates a line at the top that is inclined to reflect a vision of the future and a straight line at the bottom to portray a solid base. The center “O” is a negative image of an eye with light entering it to reflect optical technology. The new, brighter blue color “works in conjunction with the new shape to create a logo that is unique, modern and innovative, like IOT,” according to the company.

The newly designed website and new social media profiles on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook include information on IOT products and services plus research data and published articles written by scientists at IOT.


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