Salem Vision Group has introduced the OH! Blocking Pads specifically designed for use on oleo/hydrophobic lenses. They feature an adhesive package that ensures two-level adhesion to the dissimilar surfaces of the block and the lens. The blackside of the pad is block-specific and the green side can secure the slippery oleo/hydrophobic lens. The OH! Blocking Pads are available in two configurations: 34mm x 17mm oblong and 23mm round. For more information, contact Salem Vision Group at 800-234-1982 or
Younger Optics has introduced NuPolar Gradient polarized lenses in polycarbonate single vision. The polarizing film is tinted and encapsulated within the lens, so color will not discolor or fade. “There are many gradient sun lenses, but this is the only gradient lens available with the glare blocking power of polarization. The unique encapsulated gradient technology provides complete color consistency and prevents fading over time,” said David Rips, president and CEO of Younger Optics. This new lens is now available in two color options: gray over gray and brown over gray. For more information, contact Younger Optics at 800-366-5367 or
Genesis Technologies, a Solaris company, has introduced two coating machines for high production. The FASTCOAT UV system can load, wash, coat, cure, and unload a lens every 15 to 17 seconds depending on the coating used. The FASTCOAT UV model can cure any UV coating without many changes. A thermal version, FASTCOAT TH is capable of coating a lens every 10 seconds using any and all thermal coating types. With both the UV and Thermal versions the operator’s hand never enters the machine. For more information, contact Genesis Technologies at 817-491-4777 or
Clear Choice™ Diamond Tools, distributed exclusively by Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI), are made of clear high-quality diamonds offering a full tangent radius. They have a custom edge so they can deliver an enhanced lens surface finish. Clear Choice Diamond Tools are certified for 12 re-trues with proper handling and use. PSI also sells precision-ground and balanced PCD milling disks for extended life and reduced downtime, as well as multi-station PCD tools, edging tools, and drill bits. All tools can be re-trued, re-lapped, or re-tipped to reduce the cost per cut to $0.01. For more information, contact Practical Systems Inc., at 800-237-8154 or
Shamir Insight, Inc. has released new materials and expanded its base curve availability. Shamir’s Single Vision line now includes Single Vision™ Trivex Vantage™ gray, Single Vision Trivex XTRActive™ gray, and Single Vision™ Polycarbonate Polarized 82mm, gray and brown. They come in a variety of indexes and treatments to accommodate each patient’s Rx and lifestyle. Shamir Single Vision blanks can be used for single vision use and are compatible with all free-form designs. For more information, contact Shamir Insight, Inc. at 877-514-8330 or
Universal Photonics, Inc. (UPI), which manufactures surfacing products, has introduced the Chillmate Outdoor Series for optical labs. The Outdoor Series is an extension of UPI’s patented Chillmate line and has been engineered to maintain constant cool temperatures. This can eliminate unwanted fluctuations in temperature and reduce lens defects. Like all chillers in the Chillmate line, the Outdoor Series can be used with fining and polishing machines, as well as centrifuges. The Chillmates, available for water or slurry systems, are available as standalone units and can be retrofitted into nearly any existing system. The Outdoor Series is made of high grade galvanized steel to withstand years of weather exposure. A team of UPI technicians can install a Chillmate outdoors quickly with little interruption to daily lab production. The Chillmate Outdoor Series comes in a range of models, including custom-made, to meet any lab’s production level. For more information, contact Universal Photonics, Inc., at 800-645-7173 or
Vision-Ease Lens has moved into the equipment arena with a compact machine for AR and mirror coatings. MyCoat™ uses patented sputter deposition coating technology and is aimed at the small lab and retail sector. With an in-house MyCoat system, a lab could coat lenses in small batches. The system takes less than 15 minutes (depending on design) to deposit a multilayer AR coating on six lenses. Using a touchscreen control panel, MyCoat is also equipped to handle mirror coatings, super reflective in multiple colors. All MyCoat AR formulas are optimized and certified for Vision-Ease Lens products. The dimensions of the unit are 28in. W x 32in. D x 68in. H. For more information, contact Vision-Ease Lens at 888-888-3044 or
In the first quarter of 2015, MEI System Inc. will introduce its Direct Calibration Unit (DCU), an auto-calibration system that can speed up the tools calibration process in its Bisphera-XDD edger. “The Direct Calibration Unit solves the struggle our customers have with adjusting the sizing of the edging,” says Stefano Sonzogni, president. “Since our Bisphera edger has multiple tools, the user needs to perform multiple steps. We designed the DCU to be able to perform the size measurement of the lens and to self-correct.” The DCU contains two cameras to capture pictures of the lens, take measurements, and to correct calibration automatically. It only works with an MEI edger but can connect to as many machines as required at separate times. For more information, contact MEI System, Inc. at 847-357-0323 or
Satisloh North America, Inc. has come out with the VFT-macro generator for medium-sized labs that require both digital surfacing and conventional Rx generating in a smaller, lighter machine. “We’re setting a new economic standard for manual lens production with the VFT-macro,” states Ian Gregg, director of sales. “It combines high throughput and outstanding surface quality with a small footprint and low weight.” The VFT-macro can do full surface milling and high speed turning as well as engrave backside lenses. It has a barrel-shaped chamber that minimizes thermal influences. Its automated tool and axis calibration can streamline set-up and minimize maintenance. “The VFT-macro takes advantage of a milling tool for rapid stock removal with the final “ready to polish” surface produced by a single point diamond turning tip,” adds Gregg. “It can engrave semi-visible markings with its integrated engraving tool, a standard feature on the VFT-macro.” This generator pairs with Satisloh’s Toro-FLEX polisher. For more information, contact Satisloh North America, Inc. at 800-866-5640 or

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