At least four new lens technologies were introduced at Vision Expo East, held in New York City last month – Essilor’s Essential Blue Series, VSP Optics’ SunSync Drive XT, Carl Zeiss Vision’s UV Protect Technology and VISION EASE’s Coppertone lenses in Trivex material.

Announced at Vision Expo East and launching May 1, 2018, Essilor’s Essential Blue Series blue light filtering lenses provide up to three times more protection from harmful blue light than standard clear lenses, according to the company. “We will establish blue light as a new category,” Essilor’s Sherianne James said during the recent optical trade show in New York City. Now, 100% of Essilor’s clear lenses will offer the option of blue light protection.

VSP Optics introduced SunSync Drive XT extra-active, light-reactive lenses that get darker and stay dark behind automobile windshields. These light-reactive lenses not only respond to ultra-violet light like traditional photochromics, but they also respond to visible light, which is why they remain dark behind the wheel. Because windshields filter UV light, traditional photochromics do not react when worn inside a car.

ZEISS UVProtect lenses expand the level of ultra-violet protection from the previous standard of 380 nanometers to a more complete UV400 protection in clear lenses. UVProtect Technology is the first time complete sunglass-level UV protection (UV400) will be available in the U.S. and Canadian consumer markets in all clear organic eyeglass lens materials, according to the company.

Trivex from PPG is the first new lens material to be offered in Coppertone polarized lenses from VISION EASE since its polycarbonate introduction in 2007. The lightweight, high-performance lenses combine durability and chemical resistance with Coppertone’s sun protection. Coppertone Trivex lenses are immediately available in gray and brown semi-finished, single-vision lenses. They can be used with all sunglass and frame styles, from wrap to rimless.


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