Another independent lab is scheduled to open; this one by former VSP senior VP Warren Meyer.

Service and independence are the name of the game for Warren Meyer.

“Service has always been the central theme of my laboratories, and I don’t see that changing,” Meyer said. “I believe in asking potential customers what their needs are and attempting to meet those needs.”

Meyer, former senior vice president of lab operations at VSP, is poised to open Sierra Optical Laboratory in Reno, NV, appropriately named for the scenery and in recognition of the former Sierra Optical—a lab owned by Meyer’s friends Don Dakin and Charlie Pendrell.

“I always admired their lab, and the name seemed appropriate since I live in the High Sierra and can look out my window and see the Sierras from our location in Reno,” he said.

Set to begin production this month, Sierra Optical intends to offer a full range of digital lens designs and index-matched AR coatings.

“Obviously, I believe there is an opportunity to open an independent lab at this point in time,” Meyer added. “I have heard from many ECPs that the current state of the industry, dominated by large commercial lens manufacturers, is simply not working for them.”

Meyer found a 6,200 square-foot space in March and began testing equipment late summer. He brought in equipment from Schneider Optical Machines for digital surfacing and AR coating, plus the Dual Lens Mapper from A&R for digital inspection. For tracing and finishing, Sierra will utilize equipment from Santinelli International. Meyer has partnered with IOT for lens designs with plans to use designs from other companies in the near future, and he is using Digital Vision, Inc.’s lab management software.

Meyer said the lab will be predominantly focused on its customers.

“If doing business with my lab improves their bottom line and the experience for their patient, then I believe we’ll be successful,” he said, adding he believes the keys to the lab’s success will be “customer service and consistency. And hopefully bringing a little fun into the process.”


Equipment at Sierra Optical:
From Schneider:
• CB Bond blocker
• HSC Sprint generator
• CCP Nano 2 polisher
• CCL C* Mark engraver
• DHC 60 hardcoater
From Santinelli:
• Me 1200 edger
• XtremeD LT-980 tracer
• Ice 900 Advanced
• CAD blocker

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