Jim Grootegoed is professional editor of OLP.

So, what did I miss? We recently attended The Vision Council’s semi-annual premier event, Vision Expo, held at the Javits Center in New York City that brings together all aspects of our vision community. If you attended, you can stop reading now. If you weren’t there, you missed:

Lab-only meetings on items such as California’s Proposition 65 and the first legal filing against a retailer; changes to IRS regulations on business deductions including the elimination of most entertainment charges; a 20% deduction of qualified business income (QBI) for Pass-Through-Entities (limited liabilities, partnerships and S-corporations); methods to save significant monies on shipping and the opportunity to network with your fellow labs and exchange: “What stuff have you seen on the exhibit floor that’s neat?”

Additionally, there was all the new CNC equipment you need to stay competitive and finance companies to help you buy stuff you can’t afford; everything from new fining and polishing pads to help productivity to tabletop edgers that almost run themselves and domestic and foreign lens companies offering lens designs you may want to promote and of course, fellow lab folk at all those booths asking questions or complementing the vendors on their products that you’ve never heard of while locked up inside your four walls chasing jobs. You also missed planning meetings on procedures and standards for software, lens marking, government and regulatory affairs, where if you participate, you can actually have an input on your future.

Vision Expo also held informative meetings on fashion trends to plan on, both from a technical “how can I edge that lens” to here’s an opportunity to market a new product to my customer; background on ANSI and ISO standards and an amazing statistical background on our industry on trends: what’s hot — or not.

The Lab Division also offers information on their marketing and communications consulting program, sales and customer service training, plus lab performance benchmarks and a variety of other services.

All in all, these are resources to help your business become more efficient and profitable. For everyone, the next meeting will be Sept. 26-29 in Las Vegas. Please do yourself a favor and plan on attending as it’s also the official Laboratory Division (formerly OLA) meeting. You really cannot afford not to attend. It’s an investment and not a cost. Disclaimer: this is not a paid commercial.


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