When in the process of making a big purchase, we always want to hear from a knowledgeable salesperson. We want to know the pros and cons; the benefits and advantages of one product versus another. Lenses are one of these purchases — after all, they help us see! — and they can cost a significant amount of money.

That’s where a lab’s relationship with its customers comes into play. In this issue, OLP spoke to several labs that train accounts and asked why it’s so vital. While some methods are similar and more routine, some are unique, such as Cherry Optical, Inc.’s “What’s New University” and FEA Industries’ new Focus on Education Allegiance.

Whether it’s formal training or more casual sit-downs over a meal, these labs understand the value in educating accounts: to realize a better bottom line not only for their own businesses and those of their customers, but ultimately, to provide the end-user with the best possible product — and vision — they can get. Having knowledgeable staff (whether an account’s staff or even your own) can make all the difference.

Speaking of education, we interviewed David Rips, president of Younger Optics and newly minted “Good Fellow” by COLA. Not only does he speak about his company and how he transformed it into what it is today, but he also discusses his interest in science in general and why he’s recently been active on social media. Hint: to educate!

And let’s keep in mind that Vision Expo West is right around the corner. Celebrating 30 years, the show this year will feature anniversary celebrations in addition to meetings, educational opportunities, and of course, the exhibit. If your lab is not a member of The Vision Council, don’t miss our interview with Swen Carlson, chairman of The Lab Division, on page 8, who gives plenty of reasons why membership can benefit both you and your employees and boost your business at the same time.

Cara Huzinec is Editor of OLP.


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