OLP is fresh from a visit to our 2018 Lab Innovator of the Year (to be featured in our November issue), where we had the chance to see advanced, completely automated lens processing techniques in action. This lab knew it had to update processing techniques to keep up with demand and stay competitive: it produces 1,200 to 1,500 jobs per day (600 to 700 AR jobs) with a surfacing department that is pretty much run on its own (hardly an employee in sight in that section of the lab).

Given that the theme of this month’s issue is lens processing technology, it was certainly a timely visit. Change is here, as evidenced by independent labs opening (check out our profile of R&D Optical Lab on page 12) and this month’s feature story, for which OLP sought the opinions of several equipment manufacturing leaders to find out how labs need to think about lens processing technology and how to integrate it. Increasing customer demands, customization and preempting problems are key areas that labs need to consider to stay competitive, and as machines become faster and more accurate, it’s wise to assess what areas require investment.

Of course, Vision Expo West is the place to see and learn about the latest equipment on the market. The Lab Division will present regulatory updates and news that you don’t want to miss, plus the opportunity to hear from the up-and-coming industry leaders: The Vision Council’s Emerging Optical Leaders committee will be there to share what the younger generation is learning and doing. Read more about this group of young leaders in our roundtable discussion with members of its Steering Committee on page 8.

So much is happening at VEW this year, from 30th anniversary celebrations and the Lab Division’s Hall of Fame banquet (at which former Transitions President Dave Cole will receive the Directors’ Choice Award; see page 20) and the launches of Luxexcel’s VirtualEngine and Schneider’s HSE Modulo QS (and one the company is keeping secret!) to live robotic sectoring and desectoring demos at Satisloh’s booth, plus much more. Vision Expo West is sure to give all of us a taste of what’s in store.

Cara Huzinec is Editor of OLP. CHuzinec@fvmg.com.


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