Optical laboratories are now offering Younger Optics’ NuPolar Infinite Gray polarized sunwear lens in polycarbonate. “The number one complaint I hear about polarized lenses is that they’re too dark,” said president and CEO David Rips, “The second most common is that they’re too light! Younger Optics is now introducing a polarized sunwear lens that is very light gray when it needs to be and very dark gray when the wearer needs it most.” The darkness of the lens is controlled with a new UV-responsive photochromic technology that offers the widest range of light absorption of any polarized photochromic lens, according to the company. The transmission range is from approximately 35% transmittance in low-UV surroundings to about 9% in very bright, reflective environments. Currently available in gray, single-vision polycarbonate, NuPolar Infinite Gray will soon be available in single-vision hard resin. Click here to see a video about NuPolar Infinite Gray. For more information, contact Younger Optics at 800.366.5367 or


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