Extra gray, pioneer green and blue have been added to the current portfolio of brown and gray colors available in Carl Zeiss Vision’s PhotoFusion self-tinting lenses. The new extra gray color gets darker than the original gray, even in warm climates, yet is still very clear indoors, according to the company, and pioneer green has the timeless gray-green sunlens tint when activated.

Originally introduced in 2011, ZEISS PhotoFusion self-tinting lenses feature patented photo-active molecules that respond more efficiently to light energy, fading up to two times faster than other photochromic lenses, the company reports. (Average performance compared to other ZEISS photochromic lenses; performance will vary according to material, temperature, treatments and light conditions.) Outdoors, all ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses offer full protection against UV rays up to the 400nm. Indoors, they provide two times more blue light protection than standard clear lenses.

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